Enjoy Dinner At The Island Hideaway

Organic Homemade Crab Cakes with Lemon and Tartar Sauce

Week in and week out, you have meals with chicken or beef. You need a change, but you don’t quite feel like cooking dinner yourself. You can go to a restaurant for dinner tonight, yet where can you find something deliciously different than the standard meals you cook at home? For residents in California, MD, there is a restaurant that offers delicious dishes from the bounty of the sea and more. That restaurant is The Island Hideaway.


Want to begin your evening with an appetizing starter? The Island Hideaway offers fabulous dishes to kick-off your meal. For a dish that is great for the whole table, you should order the Crab Dip. The crab dip is made from a ‘secret recipe’ and served with pretzel logs. Craving a dish that is succulent? Try the Shrimp Scampi that offers black tiger shrimp that has been sautéed in a sauce made of garlic, butter, lemon, and basil, which is paired with toasted parmesan French bread.

Sandwiches & More

Dinner does not have to be fancy in order to be delicious. The Island Hideaway offers delectable handheld fare like the Hideaway Tacos. These tacos are filled with mouthwatering, blackened Mahi Mahi, tomato, and lettuce with a scrumptious cucumber wasabi sauce. Maybe you would prefer the Crab Cake Sandwich that is made of a secret crab cake recipe.

Pasta Dishes

If you are wanting something hearty for dinner, then you cannot go wrong with any of the selections on the pasta menu. The Island Hideaway offers pasta favorites like lasagna, ravioli, and fettuccini. For a pasta dish that highlights flavorful seafood, you need to order the seafood cannelloni. The seafood cannelloni offers house-made pasta that is stuffed with shrimp, crab, and ricotta as well as your choice of marinara or parmesan Alfredo sauce.

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The Island Hideaway offers sumptuous fare, whether you order seafood or other tasty dishes like the Adobo Pork Chop or Coconut Lemon Chicken. Both dishes are complemented with wild rice and the vegetable of the day. If you are leaning towards seafood, though, you will be happily surprised with the Fish of the Day. Your fish can be prepared in a number of ways, including sautéed, fried, coconut crusted, blackened, or parmesan crusted and comes with two sides.

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