Stop And Grab A Pizza From MOD Pizza

Margherita pizza

Sometimes there is nothing like biting into warm and cheesy slice of pizza. If you are in the mood to order a pizza tonight, then avoid the usual chains. Grab a pizza for the entire family at MOD Pizza.

Endless Possibilities

MOD Pizza menu isn’t extravagant. Even their MOD Classics offer pizzas with ingredients that customers are accustomed to seeing on any pizza menu. What is special about MOD’s menu are the possibilities. You may order from one of the MOD Classic selections or you may opt to build your own pizza. When you build your own pizza, you have access to over 30 available toppings as well as over 7 sauces. Talk about variety!

The Secret is Not in the Sauce

While MOD Pizza patrons certainly love the shop’s pizza, it is not the sauce or really any of the ingredients that make up MOD’s pizzas that make them special. Owners, Scott and Ally Svenson, will tell you firsthand that it is their team that makes MOD Pizza a special place to dine. MOD Pizza gives people who may not always have a fair advantage for employment to be a part of the team or MOD Squad. MOD Pizza offers employment opportunities to those with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), individuals who have struggled with homelessness, Opportunity Youth, etc.

Not only does MOD Squad provide these job opportunities, but they continue to assist their employees to be successful with education and professional development programs. MOD Pizza believes that if their employees (MOD Squad) are cared for, the MOD Squad will care for their customers by offering excellent service as well as delicious pizza. It is all a part of MOD Pizza’s goal to help create wonderful communities in which their stores are located.

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Order Your Pizza at MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza began in the metropolitan city of Seattle and has grown to expand locations all across the United States. California, Maryland residents can enjoy pizza from MOD Pizza at their convenient location in St. Mary’s Marketplace. Come order a delicious pizza pie from MOD Pizza today.

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