Start Your Own Garden With These Tips

Child and mother gardening in vegetable garden in the backyard

Feel compelled to start your own garden? It can be a great hobby and a wonderful way to provide for your family with some fresh produce. If you have never grown anything, it can be a little intimidating to start a garden. Thankfully, SELF offers some helpful gardening tips to assist even the greenest of gardeners, so that you can be a pro in no time.

Start Small-ish

If this really is your first time to plant a garden, then you will want to start small. Do not overwhelm yourself with a large garden with a variety of plants that you have to attend to. On the other side of that coin, you do not want your garden to be too small. If your garden is very minimal, then you could run into the problem over-tending those plants or even grow bored waiting for the produce to grow.

Know the Zone You Live In

As you prepare your garden, you need to know which zone you live in, so you know which plants will thrive in that zone. For California, Maryland residents, the zone primarily in the state is a 7. Produce that grows well in that zone are blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries as well as fruit trees like pear, peach, apple, and even certain types of citrus.

Grow What You Will Actually Eat

While there are plenty of tips that are helpful on how to grow things well in your garden, there is one tip that truly is essential. Grow plants that you actually want to eat. If you do not plan on eating radishes, then you should not squander your time and effort growing them. Instead, plant the vegetables or fruits that you love to eat. This is also a great incentive for you to keep tending your garden.

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Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

This may go without saying, however, do not forget why you grew your garden. When your plants are ripe and ready to eat, eat and enjoy them. You will love knowing that the fruits and vegetables on your plate came from the garden you grew with your own hands.


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