Spread The Love This Valentine’s Day With These Crafts For Kids

A young girl makes the finishing touches to her "I love you!" card.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get crafty with the little ones in your life! Spread the love this year with some of these handmade crafts for kids. These are all super fun for the giver and absolutely heart-warming for the receiver.

Rocking Heart Gift

This gift rocks… literally! Let you little one design hearts on paper using small pebbles they find outside. Use hot glue to secure the stones to the paper. If you want to spice up their creation, have them add some paint or glitter to their masterpiece once the glue has dried.

Bee Mine Paper Plate

This craft is “bee”-yond adorable and there’s nothing sweeter than a funny pun on Valentine’s Day! You will need 2 paper plates, one to paint yellow and the other to cut in half to create wings for your bee. Use black paint, felt, paper, and markers to create the stripes of your bee. Add a little paper heart with the words “bee mine” and you have a cute Valentine’s card for someone. Bonus idea: add google eyes for a little extra fun!

Threaded Heart Paper Plate

Here’s another paper plate craft! Use scissors to cut a paper plate into a heart shape. Take a hole punch and create holes around the perimeter of the plate. Let your little one work on their fine motor skills by threading red or pink yarn through the hole.

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Heart Fingerprint Tree

Use a dark colored marker to create a naked tree shape on a piece of paper. Draw a heart around the perimeter of the tree, where the leaves should go, very lightly with a pencil. Have your little one fill in the heart shape with their fingerprints using red or pink paint.

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