Tips For An Organized Holiday Dinner

Close up of unrecognizable woman preparing rice with vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen.Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and an easy way to cut down on holiday stress is to plan ahead of time, even if it’s just a small family gathering this year. Use these tips to make this the easiest Thanksgiving ever!

What’s the Plan, Stan?

Set aside an hour to plan out what you are making, how long it takes to make each item, and the ingredients needed. Come up with your shopping and prep list first then determine a timeline for cooking each menu item. It’s important to consider available counter space and even which kitchen appliances will be needed for each job. 

Whoever Says It, Makes It!

This year, utilize the “whoever says it, makes it” rule. If a member of your family recommends a dish, they make it! Having too many helpers in the kitchen isn’t always a good idea, but delegating dishes out to others makes for a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner that everyone can play a role in creating. 

Finalize Your Menu

At this point, you should know what dishes you’ll be making, so go ahead and finalize your menu and start planning your shopping, prep, and cooking list. Print your list and recipes out and keep them in a file folder for easy access or bookmark them on a tablet or smartphone for easy access day-of. 

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