Southern Maryland Trails That Are Worth The Hike

Closeup of male legs hiking in nature.

Are you tired of the same neighborhood walks and scenery? Do you feel like getting outside and doing something new? Fortunately, Maryland has some awesome hiking trails that are worth every mile. The next time you are itching for something new to do outdoors, check out these four southern Maryland trails!

St. Mary’s Lake Loop Trail

A brisk 7.8 miles of pure beauty can be found when you go for a walk at St. Mary’s Lake Loop Trail. The wooded trail is well kept and typically not crowded. The loop is well marked so you will know where you are on the trail, making the hike much easier to navigate. During your walk, you will see great views of the lake, making it more than worth all the steps!

Red Trail

This trail can be found at Calvert Cliffs State Park. You can explore all the things the park has to offer for just $5 per vehicle. The great thing about the location of the trail is if you want to take break and enjoy some playtime or a meal before or after your walk, there are playgrounds and picnic areas open to the public. The trail is 3.8 miles long and well marked. The trail leads you into a forest filled with beautiful tall trees, a beaver dam, and a breathtaking view of the Chesapeake Bay!

Forest Road

You may think 1.9 miles is too short of a hike, but sometimes taking it easy is the way to go. This short trail is a great place to bring little ones along for a walk. Forest Road trail connects to Indian Bridge Road, which leads you to Lake Trail, letting you walk more miles and see more scenery if you wanted to keep on walking. Get ready for a day filled with beautiful scenery!

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Parkers Creek Loop

If you are a fan of quiet and peaceful hikes with little to no traffic, this is the trail for you. Parkers Creek Trail will take you through the forest and by the creek like you’ve never seen it before. There will be something new at each turn. There are wooden pathways that will help you get over any swampy parts of the trail, so you don’t have to worry about getting muddy. Giant carp, muskrats, otters, bald eagles, and wild turkey have all been spotted at this loop.

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