Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is close. Really close. And if you don’t have anything for your significant other, you may be about to push the panic button. Well, worry not, because there are plenty of last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are sure to make your love interest thrilled.

Book A Virtual Experience For Two

There is no delivery time if you decide to book a special session or sessions for you and your partner. Choose between cooking, dancing, crafts – your opportunities are endless.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are reported to reduce anxiety and support better sleep. They also have a reputation as just being downright comfortable. You’re Valentine will surely appreciate one. Maybe you can even cuddle under it together.

Clip-On Book Light

If your partner likes to read at night, a clip-on book light may be the perfect gift. They say they’re free of blue light so they won’t disrupt your circadian rhythm. (Yeah, we had to Google that, too.)

Wireless Charger

Does your significant other need a wireless charger? If so, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time to gift them one.

Skin Softening Treatments

Lotions, oils, creams, and all sorts of treatments for your skin are typically good gifts. Sure, traditionally these are probably more associated with gifts for a woman, but the man in your life might could benefit from some of these products.


Whether it’s a back massager, foot massager, neck massager, leg massager – you name it – this is ideal for anyone, especially if it also warms.


Does your partner like to cook? Maybe they would like to try out a few new recipes. Of course, truth be told, this is kind of a gift for yourself, too.

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Water Bottle

Not just any water bottle. Yeti is well-known for making water bottles that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

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