Keep Your Car Battery Healthy


Mechanic checking car battery

A healthy, strong battery is the lifeline of your vehicle. When your battery is weak, stress is placed on other components of your car. A weak battery also leads to a shorter lifespan of your car and battery replacements are not covered by insurance. If you are not sure where to start, HDFC ERGO has these seven tips for you!

Battery Specific

Check your battery twice a year to catch any warning signs early. If your battery is dying, you might have warning lights, dim lights, clicking sounds, corrosion, or a discharged battery regularly. Weather conditions and driving distances can cause different wear on batteries. You should also check the acid levels every six months and replace your battery every three to four years.

Regularly check your battery’s voltage once a month, your battery should be at 12.7 volts are above. Make sure that your battery is isolated as well. An isolated battery lengthens the battery’s life and protects it from heat loss in the winter. Keep your battery clean by removing the layer of fuzz over the terminals. Over time dust can cause erosion and it is important to remove it before your battery dies.

Avoid Power Usage

While it is fun to listen to the radio to kill time when waiting for friends, do not use power when your car is off. Listening to music or using lights when the engine off drains the battery of power. No matter how tempting it might be to save on gas or to not feel awkward in public, either have your car turned on completely or wait in a public area.

Check Water Levels

If your battery is unsealed, you have distilled water in your battery. Make sure to check the levels of distilled water in your battery, especially in the summer. Warm weather causes evaporation and an overheated battery is bad news.

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Drive Your Car Regularly

Drive your car regularly, and for longer distances to maintain battery life. When your car is idle or driving shorter distances, the longer the distance the better your battery will recharge. If your commute is short, maybe take a long drive on the weekends to help your battery and enjoy an afternoon.

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