Halloween Party Snacks To Satisfy Every Party Guest

Halloween Treats

Everyone knows that the most important part of a Halloween party is the delicious treats! Let’s be honest, no one is impressed with a boring bowl of candy anymore. Amp up your fright night festivities with some of these creative Halloween snacks made to satisfy even the scariest of monsters.

Sweet Treats

  • Halloween Cake Pops: Make your favorite flavored cake pops then add some sprinkles, red food coloring, and spider chocolate molds to create the perfect treat for Halloween!
  • Red Velvet Cookies: These cookies will turn everyone’s costume into a vampire costume! They look like they’re covered in blood but they taste like chocolatey goodness.
  • Chocolate Ghosts: Swipe white chocolate onto a baking sheet in whatever ghost shape you like. Let them cool, add facial features, and you have an adorable snack that all your guests will enjoy.
  • Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip: Get a tiny pumpkin from your local supermarket that is just big enough to set a bowl of your delicious cheesecake dip into. Spread graham crackers around it!

Salty Goodies

  • Zombie Boogers Popcorn: This super fun green-dyed popcorn recipe will give every little monster a giggle.
  • Harvest Hash Trail Mix: Make your favorite trail mix recipe as usual, then add in candy corn, candy pumpkins, and chocolate eyeballs for extra Halloween fun!
  • Ghost Cheese and Crackers: Cut your sliced cheese into teeny tiny ghost shapes. Place them on top of your crackers or a fun little addition to a regular charcuterie board.
  • Mummy Meatballs: Give your typical meatballs an upgrade by wrapping them in a thin layer of puff pastry. Add some cheesy eyeballs for a super cute, salty snack!

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Veggie Snacks

  • Monster Wraps: Use your favorite sandwich fillings for these tasty spinach wraps! Cheese, pretzels, and pickles are perfect for creating silly faces. Olives make the perfect Frankenstein bolts.
  • Witch’s Brew Bread Bowl: Create a cauldron shape for your bread bowl. Add super green spinach dip and enjoy! Pro tip: make your tortilla chips into witchy shapes for bonus fun!
  • Bite-Size Eyeballs: Place cream cheese pastry puff onto a circular cracker. Add sliced cucumber and sliced olive on top for the eyeball look. Splatter some sriracha for a bloody eyeball!
  • Vegetable Skeleton: Design a fun little skeleton on a cutting board using peppers, celery, carrots, and whatever other vegetables your little monsters love!

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