Have Some Family Fun With These Board Games

Photo of grandparents and grandsons playing board game together

If you’ve been staying in more lately, you may be getting bored with your average, everyday routine. That’s certainly understandable. After all, it can be difficult to find ways to change things up every day. But if you’re looking for something new to do, you can’t go wrong with playing a board game or two. Board games are a great way to pass the time, and they are enjoyable to play with your family. Interested in learning about some of the best board games out there to enjoy with your family? Take a look at these popular options, and get ready to get competitive!


You’ve got to start with the classics, right? If you have younger kids in your family, Clue is a great game to play. Kids and adults both will have a blast playing this game. While it’s not difficult for the little ones, there’s still some strategy that goes into it. Since this game has been so popular for a while, you might already have it somewhere in your house. If not, you can easily buy it online, so you can start playing. Just be warned: This game is sure to be a hit with your whole crew.


Okay, to be fair, you will have to set aside some time to play Monopoly because it can take a while. But when you’re having as much fun as this game is, you probably won’t mind. Not only is this game fun, fast-paced, and exciting, but it also gives kids a mini-lesson on capitalism, monopolies, and the economy. You might not describe it as “educational,” but at least you’re going to have to use your brain to figure out how to win.

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Chutes and Ladders

If your children are really on the younger side, you’ve probably realized that a lot of the board games out aren’t ideal for your family. For example, if your little ones can’t read or count very high yet, they’re not going to have an easy time playing Monopoly. That’s where Chutes and Ladders come in. This super-fun game is great for the whole family and especially the little ones. This game can move quickly, so it’s also great if you don’t want to spend hours hunched around a board game.

These are just a few of the fun board games that are currently on the market, but there are plenty of other options for you to check out as well. Pick some up, and get competitive with your family.

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