DIY Crafts To Decorate For Fall

Close up children hands coloring pine cones in nature The leaves are turning, the pumpkins are growing, and the weather’s getting cooler. That means fall is right around the corner, and one of the most fun ways to embrace the autumn season is by taking the time to do some fun decorating to your home with do-it-yourself crafts. Because decorating doesn’t have to be difficult or cost a fortune, we’re going to share some great — and affordable — DIY ways to brighten and refresh your home . And even better: If you’re a parent, decorating is a fun way to keep your kids engaged and having fun.

In Living Color

A great way to brighten your front porch is to purchase a few small faux pumpkins and place several crayons of varying colors on top of them (you’ll want to remove the paper from the crayons first). Then use a hair dryer to melt the wax crayons and watch as a simple fake fruit is transformed into something fun, funky, and uniquely your own. Another option — and this one’s free — is to gather pinecones while you and your family are on your next hike. Back home, you and your children will have a blast painting the pinecones to show off bursts of color. Of course, make sure to wear your smocks to keep the paint off your good clothes, and let the pinecones dry completely before setting them out.

A New Leaf

One of our favorite ways to decorate for fall involves books, glitter, and glue. Almost everyone has a tattered paperback book that’s almost — but maybe not quite — ready for the recycling bin. Before that happens, use a pair of scissors to cut leaf shapes from the pages and then apply a light coating of glue to the edges of your new paper leaves. Dip them into the glitter — we like to use several different kinds in order to achieve a multicolor effect — and then allow them to dry. When they’re completely dry, hang them with a decorative piece of yarn.

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Before You Start

Decorating ideas like these are a fun activity for the whole family, but don’t forget to be careful. Hot hair dryers, scissors, glitter, and glue should always require adult supervision for your younger children. Make it a family activity and set a new autumn tradition with your loved ones!

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