Warm Up With Something Tasty From Teariffic Café

chinese egg drop soup in bowl close up

Are you craving Chinese food that’s better than good? If you want something terrific, head to Teariffic Café in California, MD. The casual eatery’s menu is full of dishes that are a cut above the rest, explaining the rave reviews and repeat customers. If you’ve yet to dine here, get the scoop before grabbing the best Chinese food in town.

Get the Meal Started with an Appetizer

The menu is loaded with taste bud tempting appetizers, so be sure to try one or two before the main course. With almost two dozen choices, making a decision can be hard. Or at least that’s the case for diners that don’t know about the BBQ pork buns. These buns are so tasty that you’ll find yourself ordering them every time you visit.

Gobble up the Main Course

The appetizer will tide you over for a bit, but your appetite will come right back when the staff delivers the main course. That’s especially true when you get one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Let’s start with the General Tso Shrimp. It’s one of the Chef Specialties and hugely popular here. Part of the reason has to do with the tempura-style shrimp. Normally, chefs heavily bread the shrimp for this dish. However, that’s not the case with the tempura-style shrimp, meaning you’ll get more flavor with each bite.

Oh, and then there’s the Korean BBQ Sauce dish. This is also one of the Chef Specialties, and diners cannot get enough. It’s hard to find Korean BBQ in California, MD, so you’ll want to try it when stopping in for a meal.

As you can see, the Chef Specialties are a big draw here, but that’s not all you can get. You can also find the staples, such as Lo Mein and sesame chicken. With so many choices, you can come back over and over without worrying about your taste buds getting bored.

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Try the Bubble Tea

Teariffic Café also has a massive assortment of smoothies and teas, including bubble tea. You can add bubbles to any of the teas, including the delicious coconut milk tea. It’s such a treat that some people go back week after week just for a drink. You might find yourself in that category after having one during your visit.

Whether you are in the mood for mouthwatering food, bubble tea, or some of both, Teariffic Café has you covered. It’s open from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Mondays through Saturdays, so stop by for lunch or dinner soon.

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