Try These Easy No-Bake Fall Desserts

close up slice of chocolate pie.

Fall is a fun time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, and the focus shifts more onto the family as the holidays approach. With the weather getting cooler, we want to retain more of the warmth we found in summer. The solution, of course, is dessert. Whether you are in need of a fun activity with the kids, or a dessert to make fast, Momtasitc has some no-bake fall desserts for you to try!

A Perfect Fall Dessert

If you are looking for a dessert that screams fall, try out this pumpkin apple no-bake dessert. You will need nine cinnamon graham cracker sheets, two tablespoons brown sugar, four tablespoons melted unsalted butter, one box of 3.4 ounces of instant vanilla pudding mix, 1 ½ cup of milk, one cup pumpkin puree, one teaspoon pumpkin pie spice, one can of 20 ounces apple pie filling, and 1 ½ cup of Cool Whip.

Start by crushing the graham cracker crust and mixing it together with brown sugar and melted butter. Pat into a 9×9 pan. After, mix the vanilla pudding, milk, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice and pour into the pan. Top with apple pie filling followed by Cool Whip.

A Spook-tacular Treat

Halloween is a fun holiday and is the first one of the fall season. Start celebrating this spooky day by making Halloween graham sandwich treats. This treat is no trick and is super easy to make! All you need is frosting, graham crackers, and sprinkles. Take your graham crackers and break them in half. Spread frosting on one side, add the sprinkles, and then top with another graham cracker. Make sure to store the sandwiches in the fridge when not eating.

A Thanksgiving Dessert and Activity

If you want a fun way to have your kiddos help you in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, make Nutter Butter turkey cookies. Gather up these ingredients before you gobble the cookies right up: 16 ounces of cream cheese frosting, one 16-ounce package of Nutter Butter Sandwich Cookies, 1 eight-ounce package of mini Nutter Butter Bites, 64 edible eye cookies, one 20-ounce bag of candy corn, and 32 miniature red candies.

The prep work is a lot, however, this dessert would be a great way to bring family into the kitchen and teach your kiddos some skills.

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Chocolate Pudding Pie

This pie is sure to be a fan favorite whether it is for a family dinner or is going to grace your Thanksgiving table. All you will need is a box of instant chocolate pudding, whipped cream cheese, milk, and a graham cracker crust. Once you have the crust ready, mix together the pudding mix, cream cheese, and milk. Pour over the crust and refrigerate for at least five minutes before serving.

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