To-Do List To Get Ready For School

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It may still be summer, but the upcoming school year is not far away. Soon, summer vacation, sleeping in, and playing all day long will all be over. Adjusting to school can be challenging for both kids and parents. However, there are things you can do in the weeks leading up to this time to feel more comfortable with the impending change.

Get Back into the Bedtime Routine

During summer break, it’s easy to get lax on your usual bedtime routine for your children. For example, maybe you have had some late nights watching movies or spending time with family and friends. As school approaches, it’s best to get your kids used to school-night routines. You don’t have to make drastic changes all at once. Instead of making bedtime two hours earlier, push it up 15 minutes a night, so the changes are more gradual.

Adjust the Morning Routine Too

Getting kids ready for school in the morning can be quite an ordeal on some days. It’s especially difficult right out of summer break. Therefore, it’s best to start early and help kids get accustomed to earlier hours and extra duties. For instance, have your kids start waking up 30 minutes earlier. Make sure they brush their teeth, comb their hair, and eat a good breakfast. Furthermore, make a morning chart for your kids to follow so the school year can go more smoothly.

Read This Summer

It’s normal for many kids to spend their summers away from books. It’s fine to let your kids take some time on the computer or watch TV. However, you can’t neglect consistent reading. Many teachers provide summer reading lists. Plus, you can search online and find plenty of age-appropriate books to read. Kids reading during the summer are more likely to be prepared for classwork this fall.

Spend Time With Classmates

For kids of all ages, the social aspects of school can be the most enjoyable – and nerve-racking. Few things are more stressful at school for kids when they don’t know anyone in their class. It can help your child meet some of their classmates during the summer and become familiar with them. Then, once school begins, they have a familiar face to greet.

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Have a Checkup at the Doctor’s Office

Lastly, kids should see the doctor annually for checkups. These visits are vital for your child’s health and wellness. For example, the doctor will check the patient’s vitals and ensure your son or daughter is growing at a good rate. If you didn’t go to the doctor on your child’s birthday, the start of the school year is a perfect time.

Following these steps can help your child feel good about the school year. Start implementing these tips today.

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