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Grab A Quick Bite At Nicolletti’s Pizza

pizza with toppings
If you live around California, Maryland, and are craving appetizing Italian fare, then you need to visit Nicolletti’s Pizza. Opened in 1981, Nicolletti’s is a family business that has been a standard in the California community for forty years, bringing quality cuisine to its customers. Grab a Slice Nicolletti’s Pizza offers patrons... [read more]

Enjoy Your Next Meal From The Greene Turtle

Close-up on a waiter serving nachos at a sports bar
The Greene Turtle has been a favorite hangout space since they first opened in 1976! They love being a community hangout for people of all ages. They serve food in a fun, causal environment that is built on the excitement of sports. The next time you're looking for some delicious... [read more]

Add Some Sweetness To Your Holiday With These Desserts

Christmas baking table scene with assorted sweets and cookies, top view over a rustic wood background
With the holiday season right upon us, it is time to start preparing for what you will bring to the family gathering this year! Ingredients are a little bit hard to get a hold of this year due to stock issues and shortages. Make sure you get an early jump... [read more]

Whip Up Some Homemade Maryland Crab Cakes With Tartar Sauce

Crispy Golden Fish Cakes
Have you been craving some crab cakes with tartar sauce but don’t feel like going out to eat? You can make Homemade Maryland Crab Cakes with Tartar Sauce and enjoy the dish at home. Follow this recipe so you can whip up a delicious meal. Ingredients for the Crab Cakes You need... [read more]

Crockpot Grape Jelly & BBQ Meatballs You’ll Devour

Homemade Barbecue Meat Balls
Do you want to make something delicious but don’t feel like messing with tons of ingredients? This crockpot grape jelly and BBQ meatballs recipe was made for you. With just three ingredients, you can spend less time cooking and more time eating. Let’s dig in so you can see just... [read more]

Satisfy Your Tastebuds With These Incredible Pasta Recipes

Girl eats Italian pasta with tomato, meat.
Wondering what you should make for dinner tonight? Look no further than these quick and easy pasta recipes! Italian Sausage Tortellini The Italian Sausage Tortellini is filled with flavor. This is one of those recipes everyone raves about at a restaurant, but now, you can make it at home! Next time you... [read more]

Add Some Spice To Your Life

d Chili Pepper Paprika over Sliced Vegetables
A new year is here and it’s the perfect time to get your pantry ready to tackle every recipe. A well-stocked spice rack can turn a boring dinner into a five-star feast. With some help from The Modern Proper, we’ve compiled a list of spices that everyone should keep in... [read more]

Skip The Line – Make Your Own Cold Foam

Nitro cold brew coffee close up.
Cold foam is the coffee craze that has been sweeping the internet and has finally crossed over into the mainstream with its introduction to the Starbucks menu. You might be reading this and asking yourself, “What exactly is cold foam, and why should I care?” Well, cold foam is a... [read more]

Check Out These Last-Minute Holiday Desserts

Peanut butter blossom cookies on cutting board
The holidays are an incredibly busy time. You have to buy presents, tie up a bunch of loose ends, and handle an increasing workload at work or in school. Then, add in all the family commitments, and it’s easy to see how you can be lacking in time when the... [read more]