Spruce Up Your Table With These Centerpieces

Thanksgiving Decorations and Centerpieces

We don’t have to tell you that fall is one of the best seasons throughout the year. Why? Simple; it’s an excuse to decorate your home with soft, cozy decor like pumpkins, leaves, and fluffy blankets. When you’re putting together your list of decor, make sure you don’t forget the centerpieces, since they are the center of the show. Let’s browse a few ideas to give you some centerpiece inspiration that will truly WOW everyone at your table!

Apple Garland

Fall pretty much creates its own decorations. Use this to your advantage by collecting leaves, dried flowers, and fruits that you can only find this time of year, then layer them atop each other based on flatness (leaves on the bottom, fruit on the top) and watch the table come to life.

Dried Flowers

Flowers are great, but dried flowers are just as great and even more unique. Gather up a dried bouquet, and give them an icy, wintry look by spray painting them white. Then, place them in a vase that ties in with the winter theme, like one with blues and creams.

Feathered Dome

This is not your ordinary centerpiece. Place a plethora of large feathers in a vase, and then place it inside of a dome. This dark and moody piece will stand out to anyone who sees it, and is beyond simple to assemble. Pick feathers with touches of orange to tie it into autumn.

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Yarn-Wrapped Branches

This might be the simplest and most striking option we have for you! All you need to do is wrap wool or fleece tightly around some branches. Pick and choose different pieces of the branch, so you have a mix-matched look. Go over the covered pieces more than once, and be sure to get lots of different fall colors like red, yellow, and orange. You won’t even need any adhesive for this one; it’s that easy.

Your table is about to be bursting with colors like you’ve never seen before!

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