Best Ways To Prepare Your Yard For Spring

Garden maintenence in Spring. Person in Gardening gloves covering the garden with red cear woodchip mulch.

The official first day of the spring season will be here in a few weeks and your lawn needs to be ready for it. Start preparing now so you’re not overwhelmed once spring is here. Your lawn has been through a lot this winter between the ground temperatures being low and snow and ice blanketing it. Treat it to some tender love and care so it’s back to its stunning self as spring sets in. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your lawn for springtime!

Mow Your Lawn Often

You may think you know how often you need to mow your lawn, but you’re probably wrong. If you mow your lawn only once a week during the spring, then you’re stunting the roots at a level where they won’t be able to reproduce properly. Ideally, you should be mowing your lawn every five days during the entire first six weeks of the spring season. Sticking to this schedule will help your lawn be fuller and healthier.

Trim Your Trees

Make sure to prune your trees to remove dead branches before the tree begins to sprout leaves. Dead tree branches can fall and cause possible injury and damage if not tended to efficiently. If you have trees large enough that you don’t feel comfortable checking them yourself, then hire a tree trimmer in the next few weeks to come out and trim your trees.

Apply Quality Fertilizers And Weed Killers

Welcome spring by treating your grass to some fertilizer and pre-emergent. Follow these up with weed killers six to eight weeks later in order to keep your lawn in the best shape possible. There’s nothing uglier than a weed-filled lawn, so keep yours clean.

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Replace Your Mulch

Don’t forget about your beds while you’re out taking care of your lawn. Replace your mulch with fresh, preferably hardwood bark mulch as the warm weather sets in. It will help pull the stunning look of your lawn together in time for the new season.

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