Prepare Your Ride For Cooler Weather

young woman driving on winter, icy roads

The weather is starting to change! With the temperature dropping and the days getting shorter, there are a lot of changes that you need to make sure your vehicle is prepared. You may not be ready to give up on summer, but you need to make sure your vehicle is. Check out these car care tips that are a great way to prepare your vehicle for the changing seasons.


Your vehicle’s tires are super important because they handle braking capability. The roads in the wintertime are no treat. They can be covered in ice and water, or covered in harsh salt and chemicals to prevent freezing. This means if you don’t have good tread, you may find yourself slipping and sliding all over the road. Make sure your tires have at least 1/8 inch of tread before you trek out on the roads this winter.


The last thing anyone wants is to get stuck roadside during the wintertime. Even worse than that, what if it happened at night? Make sure all of your vehicle’s exterior and interior lights work properly. You will want to pay special attention to your brake lights, reverse lights, and blinkers, as they are important indicators for other drivers on the road.


The different fluids of your vehicle help lubricate and cool various moving parts. You need to check your vehicle’s fluids, such as oil, coolant, and brake fluid before you hit the road this winter. If you’re uncomfortable with your vehicle fluid knowledge, it is always best to have your car looked at by a professional. Our crew in the service department at Nissan of Lexington Park can help you out in no time!


Your windshield wipers should leave your windshield streak-free and squeaky clean. If your wipers aren’t working well, give them a swipe with a dry paper towel. This should hold you over for a few weeks or even months. If that doesn’t work, it is time for a new set of wiper blades!

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It’s a good idea to test out your cat’s heater before it gets too cold. You definitely do not want to be stuck on a long winter car ride with no heat. Make sure your car is ready to keep you warm and toasty during your winter commutes!

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