Survive Winter Driving With These Icy Car Hacks

Close-up of car wheels rubber tires in deep winter snow. Transportation and safety concept.
No one likes having to get out and about in icy weather. Your car feels the same way. You can hardly blame your car for wanting to stay put when its cold outside. Use these icy weather car hacks to be proactive this winter and better prepare yourself, and your... [read more]

Spice Up Your Leftovers With These Yummy Recipes

Homemade turkey leftover sandwich with cranberry sauce
In the days after Thanksgiving each year, the fridge is full of leftovers and no one is interested in cooking at all. Just the thought of planning out a meal, buying the ingredients at the grocery store, and preparing it up on your feet is exhausting in and of itself!... [read more]

Stop By Mission BBQ The Next Time You Want To Try Something New

Barbecue table spread.
Mission BBQ first opened their doors on September 11th, 2011, which is the tenth anniversary of a day where many American lives changed forever. The founders of Mission BBQ want to remind everyone of the heroes who make America such a great place to live. With the belief that there... [read more]

Turkey Day Décor Hacks

Collection of miniature pumpkins in wooden crate
It's almost that time again where you're having family and friends over for the holidays. If you're tired of your dusty decorations that you use year after year, don't worry about purchasing all-new decorations. Instead, try to spruce up your home this fall with these super simple and easy DIY... [read more]

Prepare Your Ride For Cooler Weather

young woman driving on winter, icy roads
The weather is starting to change! With the temperature dropping and the days getting shorter, there are a lot of changes that you need to make sure your vehicle is prepared. You may not be ready to give up on summer, but you need to make sure your vehicle is.... [read more]

Last-Minute Costume Ideas To Make Every Jaw Drop

Little kids at a Halloween party
Sometimes life gets ahead of us. Halloween just kind of pops up unexpectedly every year when we've had a long holiday-hiatus. No one likes trying to fight the retail crowds during the week of Halloween to try to grab up another overpriced, basic cat ears set or some vampire teeth.... [read more]

Halloween Party Snacks To Satisfy Every Party Guest

Halloween Treats
Everyone knows that the most important part of a Halloween party is the delicious treats! Let's be honest, no one is impressed with a boring bowl of candy anymore. Amp up your fright night festivities with some of these creative Halloween snacks made to satisfy even the scariest of monsters. Sweet... [read more]

Spice Up Your Home With These Fall DIY Crafts

autumn table with vegetables in kitchen
We know you are excited to decorate the entire house with the yellows and oranges of fall. Ditch the plain old plastic pumpkins and leaves, and try these DIY home decor crafts. Ombre Pumpkin Centerpiece Paint small white pumpkins in different shades of your favorite fall décor color and display them for... [read more]

7 Tips To Keep Your Leather Seats Cool

White leather car seats. Interior detail
Leather seats are elegant and upscale, but there is one problem. They can get so hot that you can burn yourself when sliding behind the wheel. Fortunately, hot leather seats aren’t a given. Instead of burning your skin, follow these seven tips to keep leather seats cool. 1.      Use Seat Covers You... [read more]

Whip Up Delicious Apple Pie With This Recipe

Freshly baked deep dish apple pie a la mode
Nothing beats eating hot apple pie that your grandma just took out of the oven. Grandmas know how to make the best apple pies in the world, and they often don’t share their recipes. That’s what makes this Apple Pie By Grandma Ople recipe such a hit. The author’s grandmother... [read more]