Last-Minute Costume Ideas To Make Every Jaw Drop

Little kids at a Halloween party

Sometimes life gets ahead of us. Halloween just kind of pops up unexpectedly every year when we’ve had a long holiday-hiatus. No one likes trying to fight the retail crowds during the week of Halloween to try to grab up another overpriced, basic cat ears set or some vampire teeth. Instead of making the same old last-minute mistakes, take a look at these last-minute costume ideas that don’t take a lot of time, money, or skill.

Food Puns

  • Movie Theatre Floor- All you have to do for this theatrical look is glue your favorite movie theatre snacks to a black t-shirt and walk around in a hilarious costume that will everyone a good laugh.
  • Bread Winner- Wear some marathon clothes, put on a fake medal and grab a loaf of bread. Then, you’re the “bread winner” of every funny Halloween costume contest!
  • Smart Cookie- Grab your old cap and gown out of storage for this super simple costume idea. Walk around all night with a bag of your favorite cookies to explain the joke and get a tasty treat.


  • Sea Anemone- Pick up a bag of super long balloons at the party supply store for this silly costume idea. Attach them to your clothes so you can look like a funny-looking sea creature.
  • Pig In A Blanket- Bundle up in preparation for the cool October weather with this super cute look. Put on some piggy ears and a snout to complete this food and animal punned costume.
  • Dust Bunny- Grab a roll of tulle from your local craft store. Glue them into your bunny-colored t-shirt. Pair the look with some rabbit ears to be the cutest “dust bunny” Halloween has ever seen!

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Pop Culture

  • Rosie The Riveter- Dressing as the WWII culture icon is super simple and easy! A denim shirt, red bandana, and that iconic red lip will have you looking cute and stylish this fright night.
  • Wednesday Addams- Create a braided piggy tail look with your hair, dress it up with a black dress, and enjoy the night out dressed as Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family!
  • Men In Black- Perhaps the easiest costume is just throwing on a black suit and a pair of sunglasses. Then, you’re an iconic movie character from the 1997 hit movie Men In Black!

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