5 Easy Kid-Friendly Fall Crafts

Children doing autumn handcrafts

Looking for fun activities to do with your kids? Consider a kid-friendly craft. In addition to having fun, you’ll make a keepsake. You can even use the crafts to decorate your house. Consider the following ideas.

Banner With Apple Prints

Before starting this craft, grab pieces for your banner. For example, cut triangles from heavy paper or fabric. Also, gather an apple, twine or rope, paint, and a paper plate. If you want, you can also get glitter glue and markers.

Then, cut the apple in half, with each half becoming a stamp. Next, put a small amount of paint on the plate. Then, dip the apple’s flat side on the plate before stamping it on the banner. Repeat this on all the banner pieces. Additionally, add any other decorations you want. Finally, connect each banner piece with the twine.

Handprint Acorn

If you think of fall handprint crafts, you likely imagine a turkey. But you can make acorns like this as well. Best of all, you just need brown and white paint, white paper, and a paintbrush.

To start, combine some of the brown paint with some white. This way, you get a tan or light brown. Now, have your kids paint their hands with this color. Then, have them stamp it onto the paper twice. Last, use the paintbrush to make the brown top of the acorn by the wrist of the hand.

Napkin Rings

If you make these napkin rings, you can show them off at Thanksgiving. To start, grab cardboard tubes and cut them, so they are about 1.5-inch long. Also, gather ribbon, twine, fabric, or felt to cover the tubes. Don’t forget felt, fake flowers, beads, leaves, or anything else to decorate the tubes. Also, you’ll need glue to attach everything.

When you have everything, glue the fabric on the tubes. Then, add the other decorations to finish them up.

Pine Cone Hedgehogs

If your kids love to collect pine cones, then consider this craft. Pinecone hedgehogs are fun and cute to display.

First, gather pine cones, googly eyes, scissors, felt, and a low-melt glue gun. Then, cut the felt into a rough triangle with smooth edges. This will be the hedgehogs’ heads. Next, glue on a small black circle of felt for the nose and two googly eyes. Finally, glue the entire piece of felt to the end of the pine cone.

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Popsicle Apple Core

Get ready to make an apple core with popsicle sticks. Before starting, get brown, red, and green paper. Also, get three jumbo popsicle sticks and two mini ones per apple. Additionally, you’ll need a black marker and glue.

Begin by placing the three jumbo popsicle sticks together. Then, glue two minis across to create a fence. After it dries, cut the red and green cardstock into two half circles. Meanwhile, use the brown to cut a stem. Finally, glue everything in place. After it dries, use the marker to draw on seeds.

These five easy-to-do crafts will keep your kids busy this fall. They will also be fun to do with the whole family.

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