Keep Your Sailboat Looking Its Best This Summer

Family sailing on sailboat at sunset

If you are new to sailing or looking for some useful tricks and tips to keeping your boat well maintained, we have a great read for you. Take a look at some of the maintenance tips that can help you have a great sailing adventure the next time you are on the water.

Saving the Gelcoat

If room permits, make sure you tie your fenders in a way that allows them to rest on the top corner of the deck rather than along the hall. Tying your fenders pointing out and away from the hull helps reduce the chances of the gelcoat wearing down.

Shine it Up

There’s no need to spend big bucks on propeller solutions when you have egg whites. Yep, egg whites! When your boat is out of the water paint a coat of egg whites on the propeller and let it dry and then repeat about four more times. Be prepared to see the shiniest propeller your boat has ever had.

Stop the Squeaking

Did you know candle wax, talcum, or baby powder under your floorboards will help with squeaking? Who knew it could be that easy?


Over time, the black stuff in between your teak boards on your deck rises up, making it uncomfortable to walk on. Once this happens, you can skim a box knife razor along it, cleaning it up and making it more accessible to walk on. Although, make sure you wrap your fingers up with tape or something similar. Your fingers may start to ache if you do this for too long.

Stern Glands

Did you know your stern gland is supposed to drip every minute while you are using it? Putting a Tupperware container under the drip area is a great way to keep tabs on your stern gland so you can avoid costly repairs or damage in the future.

Warm Water and Vinegar

Looking for the best way to clean the interior wood, ceiling panels, and bathroom? Vinegar is what you need. It’s environmentally friendly and works like a charm.

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Invest in a Clothesline and Clothespins

If you are planning on spending days on your boat and will need to do laundry, invest in a clothesline. Drying clothes on your safety rails will cause rust stains on your clothes. You will also need clothespins as well. Wooden ones are the only type that will last in the sun and salty air.

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