How To Pick The Best Pumpkin

Carved pumpkin on picnic table

It’s the spooky season! Yes, Halloween is still a month and a half away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start practicing your pumpkin carving skills early. Pumpkins are a universal symbol of autumn. Even if you’re not using the huge fruit as a Halloween decoration, you’re likely to find yourself in need of one. So, we found a list of tips for picking the right pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Check it out.

Pick Your Pumpkin Based on Its Purpose

As mentioned above, there are several reasons to go out and get a pumpkin during the fall. You can use pumpkins as fall decoration items by arranging them with corn, squashes, gourds, and other harvest items. You can make a jack-o-lantern, or whip up a delicious pumpkin pie. Each purpose requires a different type of pumpkin.

If you intend to carve the pumpkin, you should choose a large one with a uniform shape. Making a pie? Opt for a pumpkin that is small and dense as it will have more pulp and fewer strings. Creating a harvest arrangement? Choose whatever pumpkin draws your eye.

Things to Look For

Even if you don’t plan to cook with the pumpkin you select, choosing high-quality produce is a good idea. Your display will last longer and you’ll have an easier time carving a fresh pumpkin. The pumpkin you choose should be firm and hard. If it has soft or sunken spots, the pumpkin has already started to decay.

Don’t Carry Your Pumpkin By the Stem

The stem of a pumpkin might seem like a built-in handle but it’s probably not strong enough to support the heavy fruit. If you use it as a handle it’s likely to break off, and once that happens the pumpkin will start to decay. Instead, cradle the pumpkin in your arms.

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How to Make Your Pumpkin Last

The most important thing when it comes to keeping a pumpkin fresh is the temperature. Most pumpkins will last for several months as long as they are kept at a cool temperature.

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