Hot Dog Recipes Perfect For Any Time Of The Year

Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog with Fries

The hot dog is as much a part of summer as grilling and hot, sunny days. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying hot dogs with a simple bun and maybe some mustard or ketchup. However, if you haven’t tried changing things up, then you are certainly missing out. Versatile and delicious, the lowly hot dog can be the star at the table any time of the year. Try a few of these recipes whenever you want a delicious dog.

Who Needs Buns?

Swap out the regular hot dog bun for a baked potato in this hearty recipe. Equally at home at the family barbecue or at the supper table on a weekday, chili dog baked potatoes will fill tummies for sure. Serve the dogs with your favorite chili and have a selection of toppings, like shredded cheese, sour cream, or diced onions. Kids might like the added crunch of corn chips on top.

On a Casserole

Whip up this corn dog casserole that is deliciously served for breakfast or along with sides at dinner. This is the kind of recipe that sticks to the ribs and feels especially good during cooler times of the year. Just a few ingredients come together to create a rich, filling casserole. You’ll love how the sage works so well with the hot dogs.

Mini for the Win

Mini mac and cheese dogs pack big flavors into small bites. Little hands will love these tiny hot dogs topped with delicious mac and cheese. Or, you could serve these as hors d’oeuvres or starters at your next family gathering. Add chopped bacon on top of the mac and cheese for an extra flourish.

All Wrapped Up

For a fresh take on pigs in a blanket, try these pigs in a poncho instead. Wrap up your favorite hot dog, green chiles, cheese, and even refried beans for a warm and spicy pocket of goodness. Deep fry until the cheese inside is all warm and gooey and serve. Your family will demand this recipe often.

Foiled Again

Foil packs are a great way to present an elegant meal effortlessly. BBQ hot dog and potato packs are super-fast to prepare and contain a simple but delicious meal inside. Simply add potato and onion wedges, hot dogs, cheese, and barbecue sauce into an aluminum foil pocket. Then, toss on the grill or in the oven for a meal full of flavor. Customize your foil packets with different kinds of onions, potatoes, or even other veggies.

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Your Only Limit is Your Creativity

If you haven’t tried a hot dog outside of the traditional, then you are missing out. Hot dogs can play the leading role any time of the year. Try one of these family-pleasing recipes today, or use them to inspire you to create something totally new.

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