These Homemade Ornaments Make A Perfect Gift

Child painting Christmas tree ornament

Every year, you’re probably left scratching your head when it comes to thinking about what your loved ones want for the holidays. After all, holiday shopping can be tricky. But in reality, there’s a good chance that your family and friends simply want to know that you thought of them. That’s why making a holiday present is such a great idea. Whether you want to make some yourself or you want to encourage your kids to do it, this is a great way to spread the holiday cheer this year. Take a look at these DIY ornaments you can make and give to the ones you love – or even decorate your own tree with.

Wood Slice Ornaments

You’ve probably seen these all over. They’re pretty popular, and you can buy them at a variety of décor stores. But did you know that it’s actually easy to make them yourself? That’s right. All you have to do is cut a thin slice of wood and get to decorating. If your kids are making them, give them paint, glue, glitter – anything they can get creative with. If you want to make them look a little bit more professionally made, you could even try burning a symbol, picture, or word into the wood slice. Just be sure that you give plenty of parental supervision if that’s what you want to do!

Jingle Bell Ornament

Do you have some extra jingle bells lying around at home? If you do, then you have pretty much all you need to make some super cute jingle bell ornaments. Not only do they make a seasonal sound, but they’ll add a nice metallic shine to any Christmas tree. And since they’re so easy to put together, you can make one for everyone in your family. How fun is that?

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Photo Ornament

Here is an idea that’s sure to be a hit with everyone. Why not take your favorite photos and make them into Christmas ornaments? Everyone loves a family photo, so if you have a picture of your whole crew, it will make a lovely addition to the tree. But you can get creative here, too. Why not use a photo of your family vacation or even a pretty picture you took of a nature scene that you can’t get enough of? Whatever photo you choose, this adds a personalized touch to any Christmas tree that your friends and family will surely enjoy.

Have fun this holiday season by making these cute and creative homemade ornaments!

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