Hacks To Cleaning Your Cloudy Headlights

Hand is cleaning car headlight with a using red microfiber cloth.

It takes effort to keep your car running smoothly and looking nice. You have probably experienced what it’s like to have cloudy headlights. Not only does this look bad, but it can also affect how well the lights work. You may think fixing this problem is a hassle. However, you can thoroughly clean the headlights and correct this issue in a few easy steps. Furthermore, you may already have the items to take care of this job effectively.

The Problems with Cloudy Headlights

Firstly, having cloud headlights doesn’t look nice. But this issue can create safety problems too. When there is clouding in the headlights, they will start to dim. As a result, you will have lower visibility while driving through the darkness or in fog. Moreover, it can be difficult for other drivers to see you in such conditions. The longer you put off addressing this need, the worse the clouding will become.

What You Will Need

You only need four items to clean your cloudy headlights properly. You should have these at your home already. Grab a microfiber towel, some water, and a brush. Next, you’ll need an abrasive cleaning product such as baking soda or toothpaste. A cleaning agent specific for headlights is good too. You can find this at an auto parts store. Cleaning the headlights should take only a few minutes and a handful of steps.

Clean and Wipe

Begin by cleaning off bugs, dirt, or other debris from the lights. Next, spray or apply a cleaning product to the lights. Do this generously to the entire area. Furthermore, take the microfiber cloth and wipe the surface. Make sure it is dry and that the towel absorbs all the liquids.

Use More Cleaning Product

At this point, your light should be ready for the next step. Here, you will begin to remove the cloudiness on the lights. Take the baking soda or toothpaste and put it on the headlights. In the case of baking soda, there is an additional step. For example, you should make a paste by mixing it with some water. Let it dry before putting it on the headlights.

Use a Brush

A soft-bristled brush is best for this step. This will prevent scratching on the headlights. Brush vigorously and as long as you need to remove the yellow cloudiness from the lights.

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Remove the Cleanser

Once you brush the lights, you should notice that the lights are clear. The cloudy color should be gone, but there is one more step. Thoroughly wipe off the cleaning product and rinse the headlights with water. Another few minutes of wiping with a microfiber cloth should give the headlights a nice, polished look.

To see better at night, you need good headlights. Apply these steps today so you can clean them effectively. Stop by the service department at Nissan of Lexington Park in California, Maryland, for all your car maintenance needs.

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