Keep Busy With These Fun Activities

Happy family spending a spring day on picnicIf you’re in search of family-friendly activities this fall, look no further than this blog. We took a look at this article from Today’s Parent and put together this incredibly helpful list of the top five fall activities for you and your family.

Bingo Hiking

On a standard BINGO card, draw pictures of things that you typically would find on a nature walk: an oak leaf, an acorn, a wild mushroom, a pine cone, a specific bird, animal prints, etc. Once you’ve done this, plan your hike at a local nature trail or national park. Have the kids search the trails for the items that match their Bingo board.   

Board Game Party

This is a perfect indoor activity for your kids this fall. Organize a game night where each attendee brings their own game. Ask the kids to vote on the games they want to play. Pro tip: Have the firepit ready for making smores and roasted marshmallows at break time. 

Movie Night

The cool thing about modern technology is that you have more opportunities to take the fun to the next level. For this movie night activity, have your kids re-create their favorite scenes from their favorite movies while recording it with your phone’s video camera. Make movie tickets and popcorn. Have a Hollywood-style movie premiere right in your living room.    

Sidewalk Chalk Fun

All you need for this activity is a box of sidewalk chalk and your imagination. You can find hundreds of fun games to play online. One of our all-time favorites is 4 square. For this activity, you will also need a ball and at least 4 players. Draw a large 10’ by 10’ square on a concrete surface. Split that square into four 5’ by 5’ squares and number them clockwise 1 to 4. Have a player stand in each square and serve from the highest (1) to the lowest (4). Rules differ from playground to playground, but we like to follow the official rules found at PE Specialist. There’s even a nifty downloadable cheat sheet at the bottom of the page. 


Lastly, bundle up and enjoy a walk at your local park. Pack a picnic basket full of your family’s favorite snacks and a thermos of warm cider or hot chocolate. Spread out a blanket and enjoy a hot cup of cider and the beautiful changing leaves.

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