Friendsgiving-Ready With These Wreaths

House home front door Fall autumn Thanksgiving decorations country style rustic wreath made of natural botanical materials on wood background

You have thought of everything as host for Friendsgiving. The menu has been organized, the food bought just waiting to be cooked, the silverware has been polished, and the games laid out. You have even taken the time to decorate the inside of your home with all the elements of fall, but have you adorned your front door. The front door of your house is like a welcome sign into your home. The decorations that trim your front doorway help set the mood as your guests enter your humble abode. If you want to create a congenial atmosphere for your upcoming Friendsgiving, here are five Fall DIY Wreaths that are perfect for the occasion.

A Wreath with White Pumpkins

If your personal style is simple but elegant, then you cannot go wrong with a wreath with white pumpkins. While the pumpkins give your door a touch of fall, the neutral white color along with the muted maple and botanical leaves give the wreath a refined, almost timeless touch.

A Fall Leaves Wreath

For those who lean more towards the traditional side, you cannot go with the fall leaves wreath. This wreath is classic as well as incredibly simple to make. In less than 10 minutes, you have a warm and inviting decoration to hang on your door.

Wheat & Feather Wreath

Sometimes with decoration, less is more. This cannot be truer than with this wheat and feather wreath. Pumpkins and leaves can be overdone in fall decoration, but you still want to acknowledge the season with the decorations on your front door. Wheat is a great element to use as it calls forth images of the fall harvest. The pheasant feathers also denote autumn by evoking thoughts of the hunting season that occurs this time of year. Together the earth tones of both the wheat and feathers bring a stylish, albeit understated touch.

Wreath with a Pop of Yellow

Looking for a wreath this is easy to make in a matter of minutes? Try this golden yellow wreath. The goldish yellow flowers provide a warm burst of energy for your home. If you have a blue or cool grey door and you want your front porch to make a statement, this color wreath really stands out well.

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Autumn Hoop Wreath

More and more doorways are being adorned with the simple hoop wreath. It is not hard to see why this trendy wreath is catching on. It is modest and smart-looking. You do not have to concern yourself with covering the entire hoop as the style is to actually show it off. Whether in its natural wood tone or painted, the hoop wreath is perfect for all seasons with the right flora, fauna, and ribbon selections.

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