Spice Up Your Home With These Fall DIY Crafts

autumn table with vegetables in kitchen

We know you are excited to decorate the entire house with the yellows and oranges of fall. Ditch the plain old plastic pumpkins and leaves, and try these DIY home decor crafts.

Ombre Pumpkin Centerpiece

Paint small white pumpkins in different shades of your favorite fall décor color and display them for a cute monochromatic look!

Birch-Bark Leaf Wreath

Peel some bark from a birch tree and cut it into leaf shapes with scissors and a stencil. Hot glue these pieces to a flat-wire wreath for a neutral door hanger!

Sweater Pumpkin

Glue strands of yarn to the top of your pumpkin. Braid them down the length of the pumpkin and cut the yarn at the bottom of the pumpkin for a warm, sweater look.

Pinecone Tassels

Tie twine or hot glue fabric to the flat ends of pinecones and hang them in bundles around your home, hang them from doorways, or wrap them around porch columns!

Pumpkin Jam Jars

Paint your pumpkins to look like jam jars. Place a piece of plaid fabric with an aluminum pie pan over the pumpkin stem to make it look like a real jar.

Corn Husk Wreath

Hot glue dried corn husks to a flat-wire frame. Alternate the husks with corncobs for an extra festive look. Pro tip: fray the ends of the husks for a distressed look.

Recycled-Sweater Sham

Using an old sweater, cut it up to create the perfect pillow cover for your regular couch cushions!

Washi Tape Covered Pumpkins

Use Washi Tape to create a super cool design on the outside of your pumpkins. Pro tip: Use hot glue for a longer-lasting stick!

Cinnamon Stick Place Card Holder

Wrap twine around the ends of cinnamon sticks and slip place cards in the stick’s natural crevice to create adorable place cards for your dinner party.

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Plaid Fall Leaves

Cut up some old plaid fabric using scissors and a leaf stencil. Use them as décor for a centerpiece, sign, or wreath!

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