Experience The Sweetness Of Wildewood Pastry Shop, Inc.

French pastries

Do you have a hard-to-satisfy sweet tooth? If so, Wildwood Pastry Shop, Inc. in California, MD, is up to the challenge. The confections come courtesy of pastry chef Peter Schmitter, and he’s hardly new to the scene. With more than 35 years of experience, including a three-year apprenticeship in Switzerland, it’s easy to understand why his desserts are a cut above the rest. Dig into the details to find out what you’ve been missing.

Wake Up in the Morning With Wildewood Pastry Shop

You don’t have to wait until the afternoon or evening to satisfy your sweet tooth. Instead, head to Wildewood Pastry Shop first thing in the morning for breakfast. The freshly baked Danish pastries are out of this world, and the hot coffee is the ideal complement for the morning meal. Oh, and be sure to pick up a loaf or two of freshly baked bread. It comes out of the oven in the morning and ranges from French baguettes to farmer’s bread.

Pick up Treats In-store or Place an Order

Now, this shop excels when it comes to desserts. First, you can walk in and buy something already available. Each sweet treat is made fresh by hand, so you don’t have to worry about disappointing that sweet tooth of yours. And while the bakery has all the standards, including cupcakes and cake slices, you’ll also find some unique items, such as the yummy brownie pops.

While the assortment in the store is fantastic, it’s hard to beat the customized orders. This is where the pastry chef shines. You can get custom cakes and cupcakes specially designed for your occasion. Whether you have something in mind or want the pastry chef to take the lead, you’ll be amazed by the finished product. You’ll want to snap a few pictures before devouring every last bite.

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Check for Desserts for Holidays and Occasions

Wildewood Pastry Shop celebrates the holidays and special occasions in a big way. If you were recently at the pastry shop, you likely saw the rich king cakes adorning the shelves. Oh, and the team also whipped up Mardi Gras Mask Lollipops, which looked almost as good as they tasted.

You might have missed the Mardi Gras treats, but St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, giving you yet another reason to stop by. Last year, the bakery featured St. Patrick’s choco cups and Lucky Leprechaun Hat cakes. Whether it offers them again or comes up with something new, you can expect some eye-popping and taste bud tempting desserts as the holiday gets closer.

These desserts are so tasty that your taste buds will be dancing with every bite. Thus, make plans to head over for breakfast or grab a dessert. Just make sure you get extra because everyone in your family will want a bite.

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