Clean Up From The Holidays With These Tips

Young man tidying up living room after Christmas party

Christmas is over, but the tree is still trimmed and the stockings hung with care. You need to reset your home back to the way it was, but where do you even begin. It may seem overwhelming to clean up from the holidays, but there are a few tricks and tips that can help with that.

Put Up the Christmas Decorations

It is no secret that you simply have to put up your Christmas decorations. One thing that can cause people to delay putting their décor away is that it can be a pain trying to fit everything back where it was stored. If that is the case, then you may have too many decorations. Take this time as you are cleaning up from Christmas to see if there are decorations you can do without. Are there some ornaments you need toss? Is there garland or a wreath that has served its purpose but is now a bit shabby? Say goodbye those items, and you may just find that it is easier to cleanup and put up the decorations.

Managing Your Christmas Leftovers

Aside from Christmas decorations, the holidays can leave you having plenty of leftovers. You may have the mind to chuck it all, but consider other options before being wasteful with food. You need to take a look at what you have. What can be repurposed for a different meal? Only keep the stuff that you will actually eat. If you still have that fruitcake that your great aunt brought over and you know that you will not touch it, then do not let it take up space in your refrigerator.

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Organizing Your Gifts

Obviously at Christmas time, you are given plenty of gifts. Some gifts you love and some gifts you cherish the thought but don’t actually care for. You need to organize your gifts into three categories as you make room for your new stuff. The categories should be items you love, things you are not quite sure about but will give a try, and those items that you do not want at all. Give away or donate the items you don’t want. For the items you love, make room for it by getting rid of something else. If you received a new jacket, then you need to get rid an older jacket you have.

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