Begin Your Day With Coffee From St. Inie’s

Man adding hot water into coffee dripper above glass jar.

For those cold, rainy days or those mornings that are already a struggle, you need a cup of coffee to help perk you up. For those who call Lexington Park, there is a coffee shop that provides not only exceptional coffee, but also a convivial atmosphere where you can take a seat and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. That coffee shop is St. Inie’s Coffee. St. Inie’s has a passion for three things: coffee, conversation, and community. See why you need to stop in at St. Inie’s.


St. Inie’s is no novice to the world of coffee. The shop offers patrons coffee that has been sourced from several countries around the world. They serve their customers coffee using the pour over method to ensure that customers are getting the alluring notes from the freshest coffee beans. Whether you prefer your coffee hot or iced, you will enjoy the rich flavors of the coffee served at St. Inie’s. You can also enjoy your cup of joe with a bagel, beignet, or other snack offered at the coffee shop.


Some say that conversation is a lost art. Forget having deep conversations, when everyone is striving to keep small talk from becoming tiny talk. St. Inie’s understands the true importance of conversation and what meaningful talks can do amongst friends. This is why the team at St. Inie’s has created an atmosphere that is not only suitable for holding a conversation, but encourages it. The coffee shop is intentional with its location, space, and even menu to keep things simple. With distractions out of the way, you can focus talking with the person sitting directly in front of you.

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St. Inie’s is a family-run business. Owned and operated by Catherine and Howie Grube, the Grubes proudly call Lexington Park home and enjoy offering a pleasant place to gather for the community. The staff ad St. Inie’s will kindly welcome you into the coffee shop, serving and assisting you with whatever you need. Come enjoy a warm cup of coffee at St. Inie’s today!

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