The Ultimate Packing List: Beach Day Edition

Family returning to car from the beach.

Have you ever left for the beach and forgot to pack those few items that you desperately needed for yourself and your family? Don’t worry, it happens! Taking your family to the beach for a day or extended trip is not as easy as it would be if it was just you. We have the ultimate packing list for your next family beach day. Essential items, clothes, personal belongings, comfort items, just for fun toys, and extras are all included in that helpful list. Here are seven of the most important items we think you will need for your next family beach day!


We don’t think anyone enjoys a sunburn. Even if you don’t think you will use it, bring it anyways. SPF lip balm is also a great product to bring along too. Bring home memories, not sunburns. Ouch!

First Aid Kit

First aid kits can come in handy no matter where you go. You can never be too safe. There is nothing worse than injuring yourself and having no help right away. Stay safe and bring your kit.

Bug Spray

When you think of the beach you probably think of the sun burning you, not bugs biting you. The beach has so many bugs that the bug spray will get rid of. Don’t let that nice nightly walk on the beach get ruined by mosquitoes!

Beach Towels

Obviously beach towels are a necessity. The never-ending question is, how many do you bring? Pack more than you think you will need. Always! You can use one towel for drying off or one just for laying in the sand.


Have you ever been on the beach and then realized you either didn’t pack enough snacks or didn’t pack any at all? Just like towels, there can never be too many. Especially when it comes to food. You can pack bite-sized snacks in Ziploc bags or small containers. They work great and your family will thank you.

Water Bottles

Water bottles will make sure you and the family stay hydrated during your time in the sun. It will also help with buying less sugary drinks. Fill your water bottles with mostly ice so it will stay colder longer.

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Beach bag

Of course, you will need something to carry all of these things in. Anything lightweight is perfect, you don’t want to be hauling all your supplies in a heavy bag! If you can find a daypack with a small built-in cooler area in it, your drinks and fresh snacks won’t get too toasty during the walk to the beach!

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