Be Prepared For April Showers With These Tips

Is your vehicle prepared for the rainy season? If not, then you might want to consider taking some time to adequately prepare your vehicle for spring showers. Proper preparation takes many forms, but for now, we are going to talk about windshield water repellent.

Windshield water repellent is a liquid coating that is applied to your windshield and gives it hydrophobic properties. This simply means that the application repels water causing it to slide off the windshield, which helps increase your visibility while driving. Let’s take a look at several advantages of using water repellent.

Advantages Of Water Repellent

  • Increased visibility – Water repellent considerably increases your visibility during a heavy storm. The repellent causes water to form tiny droplets when it hits the glass. The droplets roll off of the glass at speeds as low as 25 mph.
  • Better reaction times – When water repellent is applied to your windshield, it increases your reaction time by 25 percent.
  • Less hard water spots – Hard water spots decreases visibility on your glass, look bad, and are hard to remove. A coating of water repellent will reduce the amount of hard water that sticks to your glass.
  • Repels ice, snow, and water – Water repellent repels snow and ice, even frost. It shortens the amount of time frost takes to clear your windows in the morning.
  • Less need for windshield wipers – The easier it is for you to see out of your windshield, the less that you need to use your windshield wipers. This increases your windshield wiper’s lifespan.

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Best Windshield Water Repellents

  • Original Rain-X – Original Rain-X is affordable and effective. In fact, this product was engineered to be used on the outside of fighter jets. Be sure to not apply Original Rain-X after you wash your car. It will leave a haze on the windows.
  • Invisible Glass Clean and Repel – This is a glass cleaner and water repellent. No need for multiple coats or buffing. Just spray and wipe. However, it only lasts for around two to three weeks.
  • Gtechniq G1 – This highly-respected brand can last up to two years. Though, you will sacrifice quality in favor of longevity. Gtechniq G1 is still good at removing dirt and bugs.

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