7 Tips To Keep Your Leather Seats Cool

White leather car seats. Interior detail

Leather seats are elegant and upscale, but there is one problem. They can get so hot that you can burn yourself when sliding behind the wheel. Fortunately, hot leather seats aren’t a given. Instead of burning your skin, follow these seven tips to keep leather seats cool.

1.      Use Seat Covers

You can keep the heat at bay by using seat covers. Seat covers will prevent the leather from heating up. Also, the material can keep your seats warm in the cold months, so you’ll always be comfortable.

2.      Install a Sunshade

Seat covers are great, but you’ll end up hiding your prized leather seats. If you want to show off your seats while blocking the heat, use a windshield sunshade. The shade will reflect the sunlight back in the atmosphere, away from your seats. Just remember to put it on every time you park your car outside.

3.      Keep the Windows Slightly Open When Parked

The hot air will flow outside of your car, and cooler air will come in if you keep your windows slightly open when your car is parked. Park in a safe area and crack your windows. Make sure that thieves don’t have enough room to reach through the window and disengage the lock.

4.      Park in the Shade

Parking in the shade is a simple way to keep your leather seats cool. When at home, park your car in a garage if possible. Then, when you’re out, look for a parking garage or a spot with shade for your vehicle.

5.      Install Tinted Windows

You can legally tint your windows in Maryland, although there are restrictions to the level of tint you can get. Even with the restrictions, tinting your windows can prevent your leather seats from heating up.

6.      Use Solar Fans

Solar fans can keep your leather seats and the rest of your vehicle cool. Once installed, you can run the fans when the car is parked. It should feel much cooler when you get back behind the wheel. Also, because the fans are solar, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.

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7.      Check Your Air Conditioner

If your leather seats feel hot when you’re driving, you might have a problem with your air conditioner. Take it to a local dealership to get checked. With the right repair, you’ll feel cool and comfortable when driving.

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