10 Spring Activities For The Whole Family

Father and son with a kite outdoors on a sunny day

As the sun begins to heat things up, people are shedding their winter sweaters for t-shirts as they soak up the refreshing spring sun. There is some rejuvenating about the spring season that gives everything new life and makes people want to get out and be active. If you are looking for some fun ventures to try this season, then here are ten spring activities you need to try with the entire family.

Blow Bubbles

Your spring activities do not have to be complicated. Sometimes, it is the simple things that can bring forth the purest joy. No matter what your or your kids’ ages are, there is something utterly delightful about blowing bubbles, but you can certainly get creative expanding from a small container of bubbles to a plastic kiddie pool filled with bubble solution and hula hoops. While you can purchase bubble solution, you can also learn how to make your own bubbles.

Fly a Kite

Spring days offer wonderful, blustery days. When the wind is just right, you need to make the most of those days by flying a kite. Each of your kids can pick out their own kites. You then can find a wide open field to let your kids try and make their kites take flight.

Ride a Bike

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, take the entire family for a bike ride. There are bike trails in many cities as well as parks you can visit. You can also simply venture around your neighborhood on your bikes as a family.

Feed the Ducks

During the spring, it is not just flowers and vegetation that seems to come to life. There are lovely creatures coming out of hibernation or having babies. There is absolutely nothing cuter than seeing a momma duck with her ducklings. One spring day, you should take your kids to a park or an area that you know has ducks. These places often have feed available to allow you to feed the ducks. Take the opportunity to interact with these cute and funny creatures.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Spring is the perfect time to visit a Farmer’s Market. Load your family in the car and make a morning of exploring all the tents and booths at the Farmer’s Market. You can even work as a family to find ingredients that you want to purchase to make a scrumptious and fresh dinner that night as a family.

Go for a Hike

Some times you simply need to take to the woods during the spring. You and family can delight in the flora and fauna that is growing in the wild as you take a hike. There are so many parks and conservation areas that offers trails to explore.

Visit a Botanical Garden

Most cities have a botanical garden or conservation area or greenhouses. When you have no plans, bring your family to one of these to checkout the beautiful flowers and plants in bloom. The dazzling gardens may motivate you to grow some plants in your own yard.

Do Some Gardening

If you do feel inspired to do some gardening, then there is no better time to exercise your green thumb than during the spring. Gardening is a great way to give your yard or lawn character as well as showcase your unique personality and personal tastes. Your kids will love helping you pick out which flowers they think are pretty as well as feel responsible for the care of those plants.

Dance in the Rain

If it was good enough for Gene Kelly, then you and your kids can definitely dance in the rain. Of course, if it is thundering and lightning, then do not need to get out in the rain. On days like that, you can relax on the porch with a glass of lemonade and admire the powerful performance on display. When there are light April showers, however, let your kids venture into the yard. Maybe you can even play some music on a portable speaker.

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Wash Your Car

You can do chores and still have fun during the spring. One chore that can be especially fun is washing your vehicle. Fill the buckets with soap, suds, and water. Let your kids put on their bathing suits to help you wash the car. Crank up the music, turn on the hose, and get to work. You and your kids will have a fun afternoon working together to keep the family car clean.

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